getting a creative mind set, and removing the stress and overwhelming mindset

Sometimes you lose your will to do anything, and loss of creativity hits into a wall. A wall in shape of a cozy bed. Here's motivational mental and things to do with overwhelming life and its big spark crushing foot. Here are various tips and tricks for when you lose the spark and need it back. RESET DAY Reset day consist of well resetting your mental  and physical body to have an energetic and refreshed start the next day. here is a few things I like to do Physically: A full body hit exercise will energize you for the rest of the day! Check out some youtube channels to get some good workout it feels like you did something for yourself. A lovely bath to soothe your body and turn it into a fragranced pudding! Also foot bath are wonderful if they are aching. Naps sleep can fully reset your brain and if you aren't getting enough take a nap and leave your worries behind. That takes care of the physical things! Mentally: Start your morning with s
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