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getting a creative mind set, and removing the stress and overwhelming mindset

Sometimes you lose your will to do anything, and loss of creativity hits into a wall. A wall in shape of a cozy bed. Here's motivational mental and things to do with overwhelming life and its big spark crushing foot.

Here are various tips and tricks for when you lose the spark and need it back.


Reset day consist of well resetting your mental  and physical body to have an energetic and refreshed start the next day. here is a few things I like to do


A full body hit exercise will energize you for the rest of the day! Check out some youtube channels to get some good workout it feels like you did something for yourself.

A lovely bath to soothe your body and turn it into a fragranced pudding!

Also foot bath are wonderful if they are aching.

Naps sleep can fully reset your brain and if you aren't getting enough take a nap and leave your worries behind.

That takes care of the physical things!


Start your morning with some meditations as soon as you wake up with some positive affirmations, this is telling yourself you can do a hard task or that spark is right there reach for it!

In the bath watch something that works with your topic that you are struggling with but something that interest you.

My wall right now is maya mesh fixing. So watching a mesh one oh one in the bath is more interesting than trying to spend ages finding the solution. This encourages me to learn about the item with the problem and knowing how to fix it.

Getting that spark

Throughout the day do these ignightting things:

Music. Music that makes you want to stand up and run and energizes you fill your room with that music that will inspire you greatly.

Others works. Looking at others inspirational creations and tell yourself , hey i could do that ! sparks things in you that affirms you can create something wonderful and better.

Walking , not pacing. Walking down the streets lost in your thoughts can create a spark that sends you running back in a frenzy of creativity.

Keep an inspiration journal . Write something everyday in a journal that inspires you. (i have a happy thoughts journal to try and keep my mind in the positive lane.

Keep pieces of art that spark excitement and inspiration. The piece even if it's your background on your phone or laptop it can give you sparks in your heart.

Create something. It doesn't necessarily have to be something related to your topic but something to start a point it can go other directions but point it the direction that you think is interesting!

Reading. or even watching. People that do motivational talks can  give a wonderful poem of words that inspire and spark excitement in you get someone to carry that emotion and motivate you with there ted talk or podcast or even book!

Being calm

I have very bad tendency to stress over think and become overly emotional when it collapses against me. Thing I do to cope with the stress or overwhelmness of my head are listed below as it is often a big road block for me:

Drinks, ah , warm comforting drinks.

Soothing warmth from drinks are one of my favourite relaxers. here are my favourite soothing teas:


If you are feeling like making something hands on that south your body and soul, (i've never met anyone that has disliked it) its

Ponyo's Hot Tea with Milk and Honey

My way of doing it is a warm milky chai with honey and some cinnamon and ginger boy it give you the cozy vibes you love.

Another way of dealing with overwhelming emotions is growing here is how you do it:

Grounding Tips and Techniques. Grounding 2

This has helped me halt the never ending train of work and focus on one thing.

Take it one day at a time, never forget that. try to not let your future rulle you actions.

As always love and care always surrounds you. accept it and embrace the love. it will make coping with everyday easier.

good luck my friends